A Karing Keeshond Kristmas

1546024_10151816238746932_645065652_n“The Keeshond world is getting a very special gift this holiday season…”

I am not a Keeshond person. I think they are pretty, I have met some. But I am an Icelandic Sheepdog person, not a Keeshond person. A lot of Icelandic Sheepdog people have Keeshonds too, though. And I suppose that is how I found out about the “101 Keeshond” rescue. It came up on Facebook – a large volume Keeshond breeder (a “puppy mill”) was voluntarily shutting down. Keeshond rescues from around the country were working together to get approximately 100 dogs out of this mill and into foster homes where they could be rehabilitated.

I am a sucker for puppy mill dogs. And fluffy dogs.

So M17, now known as Kringle (keeping with the holiday spirit) arrived on December 27. He has a long way to go, but he is off to a good start. He is sweet tempered, loves other dogs and enjoys being pet. I wish he was more food motivated, but I have a feeling that will come once he settles in. He is startled by sudden movement and noises and terribly shy. He prefers to spend most of his time in his crate but he comes out on his own once in a while to check everything out. He follows the dogs into the yard happily and miraculously has had no indoor accidents so far. For now we are just letting him unwind and observe. He was groomed by the temporary foster that had him before us and she did an amazing job. Many of these dogs were shaved down because they were so matted and smelly. She spent hours bathing and brushing him and he looks great.

He is about a year old, and I have a feeling he has a bright future. It may take a while but we’ll do our best to help Kringle learn to live in the big scary world and find his way to his forever home.


2 thoughts on “A Karing Keeshond Kristmas

  1. Fabulous blog! I love seeing the pics and reading about Kringle’s day-by-day progress. I had forgotten, until reading this post, that my dog (Kringle’s cousin or whatever) was not a big eater for a long time. But now (eleven years after rescue from that PM) she is a chowhound just like most kees. I don’t remember exactly when it changed, but I do know that she started out with a few inches of kibble left out in a dishpan, and it took her a week to eat it, and now she eats everything in sight, on sight… Hope Kringle gets his keesie appetite back!

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