Adventures in Deworming

Kringle probably has worms. No problem – there are lots of lovely dewormers out there that cover a variety of worms and kill them safely. Just pour the powder on his food, let him eat it, and voila, no worms.

Not that simple.

Kringle is still in the “I’m nervous and don’t really want to eat” phase of settling in. Since my other dogs do not free feed, I’ve been putting a bowl of food in his crate with him when he’s in there.

Yesterday, I gave him a bit of canned food with no dewormer just to try to get SOMETHING in his stomach. He ate it! Success. Okay, put the dewormer in the same food, give him that. He looked at me like I was an idiot.

Probably not hungry after eating the first bowl of food. Fine, I’ll just leave it in there overnight while he’s crated.

Went to sleep, Chris stayed up as usual.

Woke up an hour or so later to find Jeni in Kringle’s crate with an empty bowl of food, looking quite pleased with herself.  Apparently Chris opened his crate so he could come out if he wanted. Apparently he didn’t realize there was food in the crate. Okay well, guess Jeni won’t have worms now!

Since Kringle needed to eat I just threw some kibble in the bowl and closed the crate for the night.

Woke up this morning and he’d eaten the whole thing. Darn, should have tried the dewormer again.

Okay, I’ll be tricky this time. For breakfast – layer of kibble. Sprinkle dewormer. Cover with delicious canned food gravy. Put in his crate. Looked at me like I was an idiot again. Fine, I’ll just leave it in there when I go to work.

Chris messages me on gchat – apparently Jeni has pulled out Kringle’s blanket (that was inside his crate with him) from the outside of his crate and is furiously digging at the outside of the crate (with the poor dog still in it) trying to get his food. Kringle still hasn’t touched it.

Deworming – not as easy as it sounds.


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Deworming

  1. I have 4 dogs and 2 cats. At least one of them is a closet poop eater, and the litter pan is now inaccessible. When they get dewormed, ALL SIX animals are pilled. I got some “liver” flavored pills for the dogs, which go much better with peanut butter. The cats, on the other hand… I flatten them on the bed, have a “piller” loaded, manage to wedge their mouths open without too much blood spilled (by me), and do a quick release once the telltale GULP has been accomplished.

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