First – Kringle finally ate some dewormer. Right now I am trying to convince him to eat another dose but he is taking nap.

He adventured out of the house for the first time today, to my friend’s house/awesome backyard to play with Bauer, Jeni and my friend’s dogs and dogs she is babysitting. He did so well! His dog skills are quite impressive, surely from living in a pen packed with other dogs. He even walked on a leash from the car to the yard, of course, he was following Jeni and Bauer but it is still a good step. And he did not throw up during the car ride. He really seemed to enjoy himself and I was very happy to see him having fun!

1510804_10151819947291932_1399133981_n1525122_10151819947031932_1467774129_n1528757_10151819947091932_1933507626_n 1546023_10151819947401932_1158248349_n 1545035_10151819946966932_2069184881_n


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