Happy New Year!

Happy 2014 from Jeni, Bauer, Snoopy, Kringle and Legolas!


I guess the New Year is time for resolutions… I am not much for “resolutions” but I do like to have goals for the new year. A few big ones I remember from last year included getting Jeni’s CGC, getting an agility title on Bauer, getting a new title on all three dogs and fostering at least 10 animals this year. All of those were accomplished! So for this year…

– Continue to help Kringle progress and find him an awesome forever home! For total fosters, I think I will bump the number up to 15 for this year as we blew 10 out of the water last year.

– Successfully maintain a blog for once in my life, if just for my own recording purposes.

– Get Jeni past a few agility issues we have been having. Would like to accomplish a title or a few this year but biggest goal is to make the whole competing thing fun for her. Other title goals for Jeni include her Trick Dog Championship, getting the second leg of her HCT (Herding Capability Test) and at least entering a rally competition and altered conformation show if not titling in either of those venues.

– Take a nosework class (or two or three…) with at least one of the dogs. I think Snoopy would enjoy this but Bauer might get a kick out of it too. And heck even Jeni has a nose 😉

– Go to Icetoberfest 2014 or the Icelandic Sheepdog national specialty, or both!

– Take a non-dog related vacation with Chris. Go somewhere we’ve never been.

– Watch Michigan State win the Rose Bowl… Oh yeah, I get to do that today!! 🙂

Enjoy the new year everyone!


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