Baby Steps


There are some things most people with dogs take for granted. Or maybe those things even annoy them. Dogs running around, getting underfoot, jumping up on them, begging for food, playing with toys, playing with the other dogs. All pretty normal dog behavior.

Not for a puppy mill dog. Dogs from puppy mills never really got a chance to just “be a dog.” They probably have never been offered treats, probably  haven’t been petted, have never seen furniture and have no idea what toys are. That said, I’ve never been so happy to have a “naughty” dog in my house!

Kringle has been grabbing toys, throwing them around and dashing about the house. He’s chewing on antlers. He’s play bowing with the other dogs and burying his head in the snow and tracking muddy wet footprints through the house.

Today, after completely refusing all manner of attempts to hand feed him delicious treats (even chicken!!), he came up to me while I was eating some buffalo chicken dip, put his legs up on my chair and tried to lick my bowl. I laughed, gave him a minute to get all four feet back on the floor and then cautiously handed him a chunk of chicken from the dip. He took it eagerly!

Now that he is accepting food, and seems interested in it, the real progress can begin. I am really looking forward to watching this boy learn, he is so smart. It only took him a couple of days to figure out to run to his crate when I am putting his food in his bowl, because that’s where he eats.

We are going to the vet tomorrow for a check up and some routine tests, so fingers crossed for a clean bill of health.


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