Train Your Dog Month

January is Train Your Dog Month. I’m a bit of a training nerd (I even have a dedicated “training room,” guess I will have to write on that sometime) so every month is train your dog month here but nothing wrong with putting specific goals to a routine thing, might be fun! Something Wagging This Way Comes has issued a training challenge for the month so I will take her up on that.

Or well, WE will take her up on that.

I guess we should call it Train Your DogS Month.

As Kringle is currently an honorary resident (and he has a lot to learn as it is!) he will naturally be a part of this as well. Heck, maybe I will even make Legolas learn something, he thinks he is a dog after all.

Kringle: While this fluff butt has a ton to learn, I think an important life skill that he is most lacking in right now is walking on a leash. When a lot of people say they want to teach their dog to walk well on a leash it means not pulling. Well with Kringle it means… walking… at all. Something that seems to be common among the Kees from this mill is that they shut down immediately on a leash. Don’t know how to follow people or move into leash pressure.

Jeni: I don’t even know how to pick one thing with Jeni, to be honest with you. We have so many goals and so many things to work on! For starters, on Sunday we are doing an agility fun run, the first time she has done any public agility since her last trial, which was a disaster. Right now we are working on a moving down and trying to translate that into a drop on recall. And we are attending our first “All Star Dogs Club” session on Monday. It’s a group of people that just love training their dogs and focuses on fun tricks and working toward a Trick Dog Championship and having a bond with your dog. I also want to enter Jeni in a rally trial at the end of February, so proofing our heeling with distractions is a big goal before that. Jeni and I both enjoying working on many things at once rather than drilling the same thing over and over and this sporadic busy training schedule seems to work well for us.

Snoopy: Most importantly, whatever my goal with Snoopy is has to involve staying inside. Poor guy can’t deal with the cold weather. Fun fact: Snoopy has won several trick contests. He knows a bunch of dumb tricks. He is a really great dog and so reliable but one thing Snoopy has never been great at is “stay.” He just stinks, and of course it’s my fault for not working much on it. But he’s always the bad egg when we’re trying to take group pictures. So, improve our “stay” it is!

Bauer: Bauer’s daily training work revolves around having excellent manners and public behavior. Which is good but can get a tad boring. So to mix it up I signed him up for a nosework class that starts on Monday. So that will be our big training project for the month. I am really looking forward to seeing what he thinks of it!


7 thoughts on “Train Your Dog Month

  1. Wow, you are ambitious. I’m pleased and impressed that you’re bringing your training chops to the Train Your Dog Month Challenge.

    I’m especially interested to see how Kringle does with learning to walk on leash. A friend of mine has adopted a dog who is terrified of the leash so maybe you’ll find a key that will help her too.

    BTW, you have the best. blog. name. ever. 🙂

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  4. I have one of Kringle’s relatives, who was fortunate to be rescued from that puppy mill eleven years ago. She is almost twelve years old now, and she *still* hates being on leash… I lived in an apartment when I first fostered her (total foster failure, obviously) and she absolutely had to be on leash to go outside, so I wasn’t able to introduce it gradually, and she still resists and hates to move with the leash. She glares at me or whoever is holding the leash to try to get us to let her off. I hope all her relatives who are going through leash training now will have much better success than she has had!

    Interestingly, she is also super-socialized with dogs, and any dog park is her favourite spot on earth as she can and does make friends with almost every dog she meets. We figured that since she only had contact with dogs during her critical 8-10 weeks stage of development, she only learned that dogs are “her people” and so that is why she is so attached to other dogs.

    She eventually got over her fears and now loves people, too – especially people who pet her and say, “Oh, does the puppy have a sore paw???” and especially if they give her a treat… She has a congenital deformity in her left foreleg which makes that leg visibly shorter, plus she has actually learned to hobble over to a new person, and then sit down and quiver and shake the shorter leg to get extra attention – once she is petted, she runs off quickly and with no discernible limp… but she is just so darn cute that no one holds her manipulative tactics against her.

    My heart is so overjoyed that her relatives are getting freed from that awful place, and having love and gentle care, for the first time in their lives!

    P.S. Almost every dog from that mill is her clone – guess that is what happens with in-breeding? We donated toys and supplies for each dog, in hopes that all 101 will be released soon. I wish that I could help with fostering since I have experience with this PM, but we currently have four dogs, and my dad’s (non-kees) tries to eat any new dog he meets.

    • That’s amazing! Bless you for rescuing her. Kringle has actually been doing pretty well with his leash training, though the key has been getting him to follow the other dogs on leash. We actually did about a half a mile walk today with him and the other three and he walked well on leash the whole time. I am so glad your girl ended up with you and did not spend her life in the mill. Kringle is young enough that I think he will leave the scars from his past behind… he is already a completely different dog. In fact he’s basically just an obnoxious puppy now, which makes me very happy!!

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