Dashing Through the Snow

Can’t kick the Christmas theme when I’m waking up to a dog named Kringle every morning! Important note before you read the rest of this: Dog parks are not always awesome, and a lot of dogs can’t handle dog parks. Here is a helpful article on how to decide if you should go to the dog park and here is a piece on dog park etiquette.

As Kringle has settled into a routine with us, one thing has become clear: he LOVES dogs. His dog social skills are excellent and he seeks out attention from other dogs frequently. This can be good and bad – we need to be careful to make sure he is bonding with us and not just the other dogs, but he is learning so much from our group about how to live in a house and that people are not so scary. His love for other dogs is not surprising and probably stems from a few things: basically all of his interactions at the puppy mill were with other dogs, not humans (he lived in an outdoor pen with multiple other Kees), he is young, and he has had positive experiences with the dogs he has met so far.

Observing our dogs has allowed Kringle to learn many things about living in a house, including to go potty outside! He has only had one indoor accident to date, which is impressive from a dog who has never been housebroken. Also as I learned, using the other dogs is the key to getting him to walk on a leash. He still doesn’t actually have any idea what being on a leash means so I will have to work on getting him to walk individually but when we want to go from one place to another, walking him with the other dogs is the perfect solution.

So, dog park. After Kringle’s first play date experience I was quite confident he would enjoy himself at our local dog park. I know the majority of the people and dogs that show up and I also am not afraid to leave if there are dogs or people attending I am uncomfortable about. I have rarely if ever had any issues at this park though and since we had a “warm spell” today (by “warm” I mean 28 degrees…) I thought it would be a good time to head out. Did Kringle enjoy himself? Well, you tell me…

I love that little bounce! He is adorable. This video was taken near the end when he was starting to get a bit tired but he was doing zoomies around the park and play bowing everyone the whole time. He did not approach any people (not surprisingly) but he did not shy away from any of them either and he allowed me to come up to him and check his feet when he had a snowball stuck in one of them. Guess it is time to apply some Musher’s Secret to his feet – I am consistent about using it with my three but I’ll admit I forgot with Kringle. He seemed okay anyway – he certainly has the coat for winter!

Another success for the week is that Kringle checked out at the vet with a clean bill of health! Some of the other dogs from the mill have not been perfectly healthy so I am thrilled he is doing well. He has a bit more tartar on his teeth than you would expect from a dog his age but nothing bad enough to need a dental yet. His skin is dry and red but that’s to be expected after living outside and eating crappy food so with a great diet and some oils added to his food he will be looking great in no time. He was also very well behaved at the vet and let the vet techs and vet pet him and was not shaking or acting overly stressed (even took some chicken). Kringle is making progress at an excellent rate – someone is going to be very lucky to adopt this guy!



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