Kringle got a present yesterday from an anonymous Kees lover, and he wants to say THANK YOU!


A common thread between these mill rescue Kees seems to be their love of toys. Hoarding them and playing with them. They probably never had toys before and at least for Kringle, toys are the best part of living in a house! So needless to say, this giant stuffed 16-squeaker alligator went over VERY well.


But he is still happy to share…


He also got a package of bully sticks which are very much appreciated when he has to spend time in his crate. And Kringle doesn’t know this but he has a whole care package coming with lots of fun things (including a new collar, shampoo and treats!) that will go with him to his new family.

The way the Keeshond (and just generally dog people) community has come together for these mill dogs has been nothing short of amazing. People have donated dollars, items, time, their homes, their cars and lots more, and there are lots of people doing an awesome job of keeping track of all the fundraising, reimbursements and where the dogs are, behind the scenes. Thousands of dollars were raised in a very short amount of time so these dogs could get out and get the vet care and rehabilitation they need.

Kringle is a lucky dog, and I’ll admit I’m getting super attached to him and love watching him make progress every single day. Last night, he jumped up on the bed with us (our dogs are allowed on the bed) for the first time and actually cuddled with me! He has been actively seeking out petting and playing with the other dogs and with me. He rarely spends time in his crate anymore (except for eating and when we are out of the house or unable to supervise everyone) and is really starting to act like a “normal” dog. He’s also still *knock on wood* almost completely housebroken, with only two accidents so far and one happened while it was -9 degrees so you can’t even blame him for that.

Our next step will be to venture out into the big scary world, taking neighborhood walks once the weather warms up a tad and meeting new people. The future is bright for this guy and he has a lot of people all over the world to thank for it.

By the way, if you’re interested in adopting Kringle or another Keeshond from this rescue, donating, or seeing updates on other dogs from the mill, visit


One thought on “Grateful

  1. I’m so glad he’s coming around so quick! It’s a really rare day to meet a Keesie who doesn’t want to be part of the family and doesn’t want to please, no matter what their experiences were earlier in life. I’ll be watching this fellow. He seems like such a sweetie.

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