Advanced Trick Dog

jeni atd

One of my favorite goals to work toward with Jeni is her Trick Dog Championship. A lovely lady named Kyra Sundance started Do More With Your Dog which encourages trick training and offers various trick dog titles. The intro on the website says, “Do More With Your Dog!® is more than a training program… it’s a lifestyle. It is a philosophy which encourages the integration of your dog into your life in a variety of ways—through sport, training, or accompanying you to more places. Dogs have a way of making the activities we share with them more fun, and by giving them training, we allow them to participate in more areas of our life.”

I love this philosophy and I love training my dogs – especially Jeni, who LOVES to learn. She gets bored easily so my solution was to just teach her a ton of different things, and she loves it. She is a total genius and picks things up quickly. Her favorite time of day is when we go upstairs to our “training room” to work on new tricks.

Starting Monday we will be attending an “All Stars Dog Club” at a local training center which is essentially a group where people get together to teach their dogs cool things and help each other learn. There are several Trick Dog Champions in the “club” and that is what I aspire to with Jeni. I love it because it encourages having fun with your dog and the pressure is low. Jeni and I both get ring nerves when doing rally or agility, but with the Trick Dog titles we can stay at home and learn, building our bond and having fun without stressing ourselves out.

So I would like to announce another step on our journey to Trick Dog Champion… Jeni has earned her Advanced Trick Dog title. Now we are working toward her Expert title which is the last step before being able to apply via video to be a Champion. I think this last step will be the hardest so I am glad I will have company to help with the All Star Dog Club. Some of the things Jeni accomplished for her ATD were backing up stairs, jumping into my arms, targeting a button with her paw, doing multiple behaviors from a distance, climbing a ladder and doing weave poles. Our biggest obstacle to the next levels is getting a good retrieve and “hold” command, and I am looking forward to the challenge.

To celebrate her new title, Jeni got a new fugly friend* and she is in love!

jeni fuglyjeni fugly 2

* Okay, so I got one for the boy dogs and Legolas too. What can I say, I have a dog toy addiction. They are so spoiled.


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