Why You Should Hike in the Rain

Jeni hike 1

I am not a hiking expert, but I do enjoy it. This year I plan to take Jeni to the west side of the state for some serious, all day hiking, but for now we do what we can with what we have… there are a few nice woodsy areas but usually nothing more than a few miles. All the same I love it and my health is always best when I stay active… and Jeni is always less obnoxious. It’s also a good bonding experience. That said, I do have one good tip for a stress free hike…

Hike when it’s raining.

Jeni hike 3

It may not sound that enjoyable, but really, bundle up, put on a raincoat, and take shelter beneath the trees. You really won’t get that wet unless it’s completely pouring and storming, in which case my advice is probably not as useful. But on drizzly, wet days, the trails are typically completely abandoned. This is especially nice if you have a reactive dog, or recovered/recovering reactive dog in my case. Spending some time out experience nature, being active and bonding with your dog in peace is a lovely experience.

Jeni hike 2


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