This is Harley.

At 14 years old, this sweet boy found himself in a city animal shelter, alone, without the family he’d known, that gave him the name he responds to with a hopeful head tilt.

It’s not my place to judge, no matter how mad it makes me that this guy could have spent his last hours or days surrounded by barking dogs in a bare cage, no matter how sad it is. Certainly, complaining and getting angry doesn’t do anything to make Harley’s life easier.

So I drove down to the shelter on my lunch break and picked him up.


He’s not in good shape. I will spare the details – but needless to say he is uncomfortable and probably does not have long left. I wrapped him in a blanket, carried him to my car and set him in the back seat on a nice cushy dog bed. On the way back to my house we got a cheeseburger. I was worried he wouldn’t feel like eating in the shape he was in, but he wolfed the whole thing down with gusto.


Tonight, Harley will go to my vet’s office, and we’ll get him checked out. I’m not sure if anything can be done, but if it can, our vet will figure it out. If we can do something to make him more comfortable, we will, and we’ll let him live his last days out all kinds of spoiled. As it is, he’s cuddled on the couch at home with quiet human and canine company.

If he’s suffering and there’s nothing we can do, we’ll send him to the Rainbow Bridge, as we hug him and whisper “You are loved,” in his ear. Whatever happens, it’s surely better than spending any more time in even the best of animal shelters, and we’re all blessed to be enjoying his company. The soul of an old dog is a truly special thing.


7 thoughts on “Harley

  1. Thank you, Gabi! You’re absolutely wonderful! Definitely adding your blog to the blog roll now that I know another local blogger around (especially one with an alumni from the same shelter our senior is from)! ā¤

  2. Gabbi…I would be honored to send you a donation to be used for Harleys vetting and even some McDonald’s gift certificates to keep him in some burgers for a while šŸ™‚ Thank you from the bottom of my heart I feel like he still has some Beagle Love to share even if it’s for a short while (((Hugs to you both)))

    • Oh gosh it is appreciated but I feel like everyone should be sending donations to the shelter and Patty! We took him in knowing potential vet costs and I am grateful we are in a position to give him all the vet care he will need. I am sure he would be grateful for the burger coupons but we will be getting him whatever he cares to eat šŸ™‚ I will update everyone after his appointment… I think we are going to take chest X-rays and I am worried about what we will see :/

  3. Crying so hard. For Harley – both happy and sad tears. Happy that someone cared enough to spare him a miserable fate, sad that he is in that position at all. Thank you Gabi for caring.

  4. thank you for being you. Thank you for answering the plea, and not delaying just driving to come and get him. I will always be grateful to you. What a lovely tribute to Harley.

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