Stuff I Like: Chucklebutt Customs

So I have a slight addiction to dog stuff. Collars, toys, tags, leashes, paintings etc… I always say some women buy shoes, I buy dog collars. That said, I also really like supporting small businesses, and I think the reason I have such an addiction is that there is some AWESOME dog/pet related stuff out there. So why not share my discoveries with the world?


Not sure how it took me a year to get a portrait done of Jeni, but I am glad I waited and was able to get Brittany from Chucklebutt Customs to do it. She ran a really fantastic sale for Small Business Saturday/Black Friday and I jumped at the chance. I gave her a few photos of Jeni, a very loose idea of what I was looking for and let her run with it and I am so pleased with the results. She offers a high res digital file as well as an 8×10 print sent to your home and the turnaround time was fantastic. The pricing is extremely reasonable as well, and she really does a great job of capturing your pet.

She also offers some more creative pieces where she paints your pet with a theme: sugarskull, zombie or steampunk. You can check her out on etsy or Facebook.

P.S. The tag she included on Jeni in the portrait is from the wonderful Diva Dog Charms who will surely be featured in a post like this in the future.


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