Kringle was adopted today!

We will miss him dearly but he could not have gone to a better home. His new Kees brother is named Brody and they hit it off right away. He will be living on 10 acres of fenced in land nearby, and his new family has promised to keep in touch.

He is the first of the adult mill rescues to be adopted by a family that was not his foster family, and I am so glad we were able to help him on his way to this perfect new home. He has come a very long way already in the few weeks we have had him and I know he will continue to progress with them. This is always the hardest and best part of fostering – certainly a bittersweet day but I could not be more pleased with how his story is turning out.


3 thoughts on “Adopted!

  1. Gabi, thank you so much for all you did for Kringle. I am happy he has found his forever family, it would not have been possible without a great foster mom like you.

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