Stuff I Like: Diva Dog Charms

So I have a slight addiction to dog stuff. Collars, toys, tags, leashes, paintings etc… I always say some women buy shoes, I buy dog collars. That said, I also really like supporting small businesses, and I think the reason I have such an addiction is that there is some AWESOME dog/pet related stuff out there. So why not share my discoveries with the world?


With all the dog (and cat) collars I have in this house, it’s only fitting that I have some awesome tags with which to ornament them. Tags are, of course, a valuable source of identification if the dogs are ever lost, but they are also stylish and fun. Now, I will admit that I generally don’t like dangling tags and while in the house the dogs have tags that attach flat to their collars.

That said, I think it is says a lot about Diva Dog Charms tags that they’re the one brand of “dangly” tag I use, and recommend (my mom has one for her dog as well as lots of dog friends). The tags are durable and extremely well priced, and the lovely lady behind the business, Justine, has a great creative flair and makes even simple tags completely unique. She also offers crate tags, bracelets, necklaces, rings and keychains. Jeni used her “I double dew dare you” tag (which was a genius tagline that Justine originally came up with for her Beauceron) while herding and playing at Icetoberfest 2013… if a tag can stand up to that, it can stand up to anything!

Justine also happens to be a great dog and cat owner, who introduced me to CPE agility and adopted one of our foster cats! This is the beautiful Panda with her Diva Dog Charms tag:



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