Update on Kringle


Letting go of a foster dog (especially one I liked as much as Kringle) is definitely the hardest part of fostering, but the best part is getting updates and seeing how happy they are in their new homes. I got an email from Kringle’s new mom today and was thrilled to hear that he has adjusted well and he is dearly loved by his new family, and his new doggy brother.

“Kringle is doing great! He really enjoys it here and he and Brody are inseparable! He is such a great companion for Brody!

I am trying to introduce Kringle to the grooming table, with reasonable luck and baby-steps he’ll learn to enjoy it. He does enjoy me grooming him only not on the table. He loves playing, especially in the snow, loves to climb on the huge piles of snow and play “king of the land”!

I am amazed at how well he has taken to us and his new brother! His temperament is much quieter than Brody’s, makes a great mix. He still has had no accidents and is so quiet!

He loves playtime and is just so darned cute! We feel so blessed to have met you and given the opportunity to become Kringle’s forever family!”


2 thoughts on “Update on Kringle

  1. So sweet! (I’m also impressed with how close they can be to each other with rawhides; our 2 dogs could never handle that.) I always love getting pictures and updates from our former foster dogs’ new families!

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