What Happens When You Use Coconut Oil for a Doggy Massage

Garth is having trouble growing hair back on his shaved/bald spot (though now that he is on raw I have a feeling it will help speed up the regrowth!), and thanks to the bitter cold weather his skin in that area has been really dry and cracked and irritated from running around with the other dogs outside. Coconut oil is my magic moisturizing solution so I figured it would be a great oil to use as a massage oil for his bald spot. Of course, there are some minor side effects to using something tasty on a dog’s skin…


2 thoughts on “What Happens When You Use Coconut Oil for a Doggy Massage

  1. LOL I wondered what would happen if someone used it as a moisturizer. 🙂 We are giving Freighter some coconut oil with his meals to help promote fur growth for the show ring. His adult coat is coming in but it is taking forever, so we are giving a bit of boost. I wonder if that would help Garth to regrow the fur?

    • I hope so! He gets coconut oil and fish oil in his meals as well, but the bald spot gets so irritated and dry that he needed some kind of moisturizer. It actually does seem to be helping even though most of it is getting licked off!

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