Stuff I Like: Paco Collars Memorial Bracelet

So I have a slight addiction to dog stuff. Collars, toys, tags, leashes, paintings etc… I always say some women buy shoes, I buy dog collars. That said, I also really like supporting small businesses, and I think the reason I have such an addiction is that there is some AWESOME dog/pet related stuff out there. So why not share my discoveries with the world?


If you haven’t heard of Paco Collars, you may as well stop reading this post and go run over to their website right now. They are, in my opinion, the elite in leather dog collars and other goods. All of my dogs’ leather collars come from them and my leashes as well. Nothing beats the leather quality and craftsmanship, not to mention the superior customer service and their awesome custom work. Jeni and Snoopy both have extremely fabulous, 100 percent custom collars from Paco.

But it is not hard to find a blog review singing the praises of Paco. You can find a couple of my favorites here and here.

I have always loved Paco, but yesterday I received a particularly special piece in the mail that inspired me to write about a lesser known perk of owning a Paco collar. They will create a free memorial bracelet from your dog’s collar after they pass.

Gratefully, I have not had the chance to do this before, but after Margaret died, I started wondering what to do with her collar. Most of my dogs have multiple collars and they rotate frequently, but Margaret’s Paco collar fit her so perfectly that it was all she wore, 24/7. Chris was interested in keeping her tag as a keychain (I have Chance’s old tag on my keys), but I couldn’t imagine a more perfect way to remember Margaret than to have a bracelet made of the collar that was such a major part of my memories of her.

I contacted Paco and they got back to me almost immediately and told me all I had to do was mail them the collar, tell them my wrist size and they would take care of the rest. So I sent the collar off to Paco, and they made sure they took wonderful care of it. They let me know when they got it, asked me what mail service I wanted them to use to mail it back and used tracking to make sure I knew when it would get back to me. The service was fast, beautiful and there was no charge.

The bracelet is perfect, and it is such a lovely memorial to a sweet little dog. This whole thing was just another way that Paco stands out above the rest as a collar company and I am grateful to them for offering such a touching service.


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