A Beautiful Valentine’s Day


I have never been the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day… I have never had a bad Valentine’s Day but, it just doesn’t excite me. Chris always makes an effort but usually I am happiest staying in and watching a movie or something, or well, just getting a bit of time together doing anything that doesn’t involve working, being sick or taking care of the dogs. So far today, I’ve spent the first half of the day in the hospital and now I am laying flat on the couch recovering and apologizing to my spazzy dogs for the lack of exercise they’ve gotten today and this last week. Romantic right?

But I don’t think romance has much to do with love. And I can appreciate the beauty in a day that is meant to celebrate love, even if I don’t want to buy into the “Hallmark” part of it all.


I am blessed to have a husband who not only tolerates but encourages my passion. I could not make all of this work without him, and let me tell you, true love is cleaning up dog puke at 3 in the morning and letting your wife sleep because she needs to get up earlier in the morning than you do. He certainly would not have three dogs and a cat if he didn’t have me, but he loves them and cares for them and he is a great doggy daddy.

And I am blessed to have my dogs, and Leggy, and to experience the one of a kind love that exists between a person and their dog – and to get to witness the love between my animals as well.


There is beauty in watching the lives of our animals, and the animals we have had the honor of fostering, evolve along with our own. Seeing a shy puppy mill dog go from hiding in his crate to bouncing around happily when meeting his new family, seeing a three-legged-cat that was almost put down from his injuries leap gracefully into bed to snuggle with and groom his canine best friend, seeing a dog struggle through heartworm treatment and coming out healthy and happy, seeing a fearful, reactive dog succeed in her first agility trial, falling asleep in an awkward position because there are furry critters piled around you…

So Happy Valentine’s to all of you and your animal friends as well. Whatever your relationship status, I think we all can benefit from taking a day to appreciate the ones we love, furry or otherwise.


On this beautiful Valentine’s Day I am participating in the “See Beautiful” blog hop hosted by Sugar the Golden Retriever. For every blogger participating in the blog hop today, See Beautiful will donate a brand new children’s book to St. Anne’s Center Homeless Shelter. You can see more information here.


4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Valentine’s Day

  1. I can identify with what you are writing… the only valentine’s day I celebrated was online… in real life we had a last day of Chinese New Year dinner with the extended family and that was it. We were both too tired out. To be frank, Mr P won’t have a dog as well if it wasn’t for me, so he’s lucky we’re there in his life, lol 😛

    Have a great day 🙂

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