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See part one of Snoopy’s story here

So there I was, fresh out of college, knowing nothing about dogs, with a brand new dog that had been sitting in a shelter for three months and had been living at a hoarder’s house before that. I’ll be honest – the me of today would have been hesitant to give a dog to myself back then.

But what came of that girl who had no idea what she was doing and the dog who hadn’t lived a normal life in a long time?


We snuggled in bed together, even though he was supposed to sleep in the crate. I got lucky and he was mostly housetrained – except for the night he pooped in the bathtub (????) at 3 in the morning. We went for walks around my grandma’s neighborhood and he dragged me down the street. Someone emailed and wanted to adopt him (he was a foster, remember?) – I freaked out. Decided I had to keep him, but I didn’t have a job lined up after my internship was over. Got a job at the last minute. Found an apartment on Craigslist that was okay with a dog.

“Is that a pit bull?” Uh… no he’s a Boston Terrier, I told my landlord when she suspiciously eyed a photo of Snoopy. Pit bulls were banned in the apartment complex. Somehow convinced the landlord he definitely was not a pit bull. Learned more about pit bulls and their stereotypes. Became determined to make Snoopy a good pit bull ambassador, whatever he really was. He pulled on leash and barked at other dogs. Found an obedience class – learned about dogs and dog training. Got excited, took more obedience classes. Got Snoopy’s Canine Good Citizen certificate.


Ran around in the woods near out apartment off leash. Fiance moved in. Dog and boy fell in love. The three of us lived a quiet happy life. Got a new job, moved into my future in law’s house for six weeks. Snoopy made a dog friend, got beat up by the cat. Got to come to work with me.

Moved into a house, with a yard. Snoopy sunbathed. Bought a really expensive collar, started my collar obsession. Learned about dog food, Snoopy went on a diet, got on grain free food. Looked at a one eyed border collie that would hopefully become Snoopy’s sister. Somehow ended up bringing home a fluffy Chow mix instead. Snoopy had a new best friend. Went to the beach, rode on a boat, did more training. Went to art fairs. Enjoyed the summer. Got married. Snoopy didn’t go, but he was waiting for us when we got back.

Lost Snoopy’s best friend. Brain tumors suck. Fostered a little bit. Got a new friend, and another. Continued to grow and train. Moved again. Tried out lure coursing, Snoopy found new levels of vocalization and excitement. Things changed. Snoopy was always there.


And that, in the end, is what is special about Snoopy. I have learned a LOT since I got him, and grown a lot, and I consider myself a very different dog owner than when I first got him. But all along he’s been happy to just be with me. He still sleeps on the bed with me. He’s starting to get a bit old, now, but I try not to think about that. He’s still spunky, and he’s still the boss of the house. He still loves food, even though he’s not so fat anymore. We learned a lot from each other, and we’re still learning. I don’t blame everyone who thought Snoopy was the most inviting of the pictures I posted a few days ago… he’s got a sweet, almost human soul, and I am lucky to know him.


3 thoughts on “More On Snoopy

  1. Sounds like Snoopy is a great dog! I would never be able to foster pets; I would keep them all. Great photos! 🙂

    Note: Playful Kitty has moved to . You can still follow using your reader, but you need to stop by and click the little blue button on the side bar. Thank you!

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