New Foster: Maggie


After Arthur was cleared of his upper respiratory infection and went back to the shelter to get adopted, I got a note about a special little senior dog that needed foster for a couple of weeks.

Obviously I have a soft spot for the seniors so it caught my attention – turns out, not only was she a senior, small wiry terrier mix of some sort (our old girl Margaret was a Jack Russell Terrier), her name was Maggie! We’ve been missing Margaret quite a bit – what better way to honor her than fostering another senior terrier with a similar name.

Poor Maggie is very sweet but was having some stomach issues in the shelter. She had been having diarrhea since getting there. She was tested for intestinal parasites and treated for Giardia but even after she was clear, the stomach troubles didn’t go away. The shelter staff thought a vacation from the shelter might help her out so we could try to better diagnose the problem.


Well – Maggie got to our house, met the dogs outside without incident, walked in the door, found the couch, took a nap, and has been fine ever since.

Obviously, the stress of the shelter was just too much for her, which is understandable! Once she got back into a home environment all stomach troubles went away. She has settled right in – gets along well with the other dogs, ignores the cat, eats well, is housebroken and mostly spends the day sleeping on our pillows.

Because she is so stressed out in the shelter, Maggie will be going up for adoption directly from our house so hopefully we can find her the perfect home without too much trouble. She is really a nice little dog who, despite being older, is pretty spunky and has quite a few years left in her.

Until she finds the perfect family, we are enjoying her company. For anyone who is on the fence about fostering, I highly recommend taking in a senior dog. They usually settle into the house well and already have all the basics (like not peeing in the house or chewing on things) down which makes them easy for the average person to care for. Trust me – having a 12 week old puppy and a 10 year old dog in the house at the same time, I can tell you which one is more work and it’s not miss Maggie.


5 thoughts on “New Foster: Maggie

  1. What a darling little girl! I just love the little scruff monsters! I wish I was in a position to adopt her but we are full up here. I hope she finds a wonderful new family! Thank you for showing her your hospitality!

  2. That’s a great photo of Maggie (the 2nd one)! She looks so sweet. It hadn’t occurred to me your great points about fostering a senior dog, but it does make sense. I had always just assumed that it will be a lot more work because of the medical difficulties that the senior dog may come with, and that may require a more experienced hand. I hope Maggie finds a good home 🙂

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