Monday Mischief: More Agility Trial Prep

photo 2

In addition to attending a fun match on Friday in preparation for Jeni’s upcoming agility trial, I decided that taking her to the actual facility where she would be competing in the trial would be a good idea. She tends to be a little nervous in new places and always does better (with anything) when she is used to a location. The facility allows the floor to be rented so we got to practice in the agility ring we will be trialing in with the exact equipment we will be trialing with. Believe it or not, one facility’s dog walk is not the same as another facility’s dog walk in a dog’s mind…

photo 3

I again, did not take any video or pictures of her playing agility but I did get some pictures of the best part of hanging out at the facility… we got to meet one of my favorite Icelandic Sheepdogs, Laki, and another friend of mine’s Border Collies. It was very funny seeing the Icies and the Border Collies together… let’s just say the BCs are much more dignified and take everything more seriously than the fluffy goofballs.

photo 1

Jeni and Kelinn was especially excited to meet Laki…. Jeni particularly has a thing for other Icies and really will only play with other Icies and sometimes Shelties. She instantly went into a play bow upon seeing Laki and they kissed and played and bounced around and it was adorable. Jeni had a productive time on the course as well. She was great on the contact equipment and stuck with me… the main issue was the broad jump, which she decided she wanted to walk over instead of jump. It’s not something we see very often where we train, unfortunately. We’re down to less than a week before the trial and I am getting excited!

photo 4


Today I am joining the Monday Mischief blog hop, hosted by Alfie’s Blog, Snoopy’s Dog Blog and My Brown Newfies.


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