Stuff I Like: Prairiedobe Decals

So I have a slight addiction to dog stuff. Collars, toys, tags, leashes, paintings etc… I always say some women buy shoes, I buy dog collars. That said, I also really like supporting small businesses, and I think the reason I have such an addiction is that there is some AWESOME dog/pet related stuff out there. So why not share my discoveries with the world?


My car is a “dog car” through and through – if you like your clothes without dog hair on them, you probably won’t want to ride in it. I also don’t remember the last time I went through a car wash. In fact I may have never gone through a car wash.

So it would take something really awesome to hand clean the back window of my car (but no more than that… it’s winter and muddy and I’m not crazy)… well, Prairedobe Decals is that awesome. Leah can make pretty much anything you can think of, and if you’re not thinking custom, she has a great collection of stock breed images that are only eight dollars. She even has Icelandics!


She took photos I sent her of Bauer and Snoopy lure coursing and Jeni on an agility course and made them into perfect replicas for my car!

The decals are really easy to apply and very high quality and durable – mine have gotten a beating with this weather and they still look brand new (well, if I wipe off the mud). Shipping was fast and she is very responsive. She has a variety of color options as well and can add whatever wording you would like (she did an Icie with my breeder’s kennel name on it) as well. Oh, and she doesn’t just do dogs… she can do horses, cats or non-animals.


3 thoughts on “Stuff I Like: Prairiedobe Decals

  1. So cute! And tasteful, too! Sometimes the dog paraphrenalia gets out of hand with tackiness, but I really like the simple silhouettes of these… you’ve tempted me!

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