Garth Update

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One of my favorite parts of fostering is getting updates from the new families after they have been adopted. Garth, who was a very special adoption, has found the perfect family who understands him and loves him for who he is.

“We are great. He is my little shadow and he has warmed up to the family. He is eating great and goes everywhere he can with us. He’s a great family member. We already are in love…. <3"

"He is awesome. We are signing him up in class with my sister and her dog. Its going to be fun. Can't wait for spring. He is so cuddly. He has warmed up to me the most but I spend the most time with him. He and the kids are cuddly too. Garth wakes Michael up in the morning. He has been sleeping with us and we love it. He is such a well behaved dog. I can't imagine it without him. He also has been great with my moms dog and my sisters dog."


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