Another Canceled Trial

J and K

Some of you may be wondering how Jeni and I did at the big trial we had been preparing for the last month or so. Well… it didn’t happen. Unfortunately I have some health issues that pop up randomly enough that I can’t plan around them and I spent Friday in the hospital and was not allowed to/able to run a dog in agility on Sunday, or drive two hours to do so.

So the dogs and I spent the weekend at my parents’ house relaxing instead of playing agility. I am frustrated, I’ll admit… Jeni and I have worked our butts off lately and this is not the first trial we’ve had to cancel. Of course, when it comes down to it, Jeni is just as happy to snuggle up with me at home as she is to go to a trial, and SHE doesn’t care about ribbons or titles, as much as I think she “deserves” them…

Luckily our area is pretty packed with dog activities so hopefully I will be well enough to participate in more events this summer. A lot of the events we’re planning on also happen to allow day of show entries so I don’t have to lose out on entry fees if I’m unexpectedly unable to go.

Since I don’t have any video or photos to share from the trial that didn’t happen, here is a video of Jeni’s very first Q (qualifying run) in CPE back in November.


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