The Suspicious Squirrel

jeni hiking

Jeni and I often take trips to local parks so she can run around and explore and burn off some energy, and I don’t have to walk as much as she does. She gets a lot more exercise going at her own pace. On these walks we often encounter squirrels, and though she does not have much of a prey drive she has a chase/herding drive and thinks moving things are fun to chase.

Luckily for her, she has such a good recall that she can call off a squirrel mid-chase if I need her to, so I’m not too worried about her chasing squirrels. Usually they go up a tree after a quick burst of speed from both of them and that’s that.

Until we met a very strange and suspicious squirrel at the park we were at yesterday. Jeni started to chase it, and despite there being two trees nearby for it to climb up and escape it just… stopped. Jeni was monumentally confused actually – she stopped too and play bowed at it but I think she was wondering why her new toy stopped working. I told her to leave the unintelligent squirrel alone please, and she did.

I wonder now if it had something wrong with it, whether it was ill or injured. Or it was just REALLY stupid. I’m just glad (and the squirrel should be grateful!) that Jeni has no desire to eat squirrels because… yuck.


4 thoughts on “The Suspicious Squirrel

  1. I am SO impressed with such a high-quality recall! Wow. That is a rare thing. I wish even one of our dogs had that. We don’t work on it as much as we should, though. Motivation to keep training!

    • Lol well Jeni is the only one. Snoopy used to have a pretty good recall but has a selective hearing issue these days. He also would have been happy to eat the squirrel. Bauer has “disapyr” syndrome and never goes off leash lol. Kelinn so far has a rocking recall but a lot of it has to do with him being a baby so I am trying to reinforce the heck out of it!

  2. Maybe just cold…lol. There are a couple of stupid squirrels that come around here. One ran straight at Storm and if Storm would have caught it, well too bad for squirrel. Luckily, the thing zigged when Storm zagged and it escaped through the invisible fence, (which Storm did not break).

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