Stuff I Like: Fugly Friends

So I have a slight addiction to dog stuff. Collars, toys, tags, leashes, paintings etc… I always say some women buy shoes, I buy dog collars. That said, I also really like supporting small businesses, and I think the reason I have such an addiction is that there is some AWESOME dog/pet related stuff out there. So why not share my discoveries with the world?


Fugly Friends toys have popped up at various times in my posts, including the famous “Fugly underwear” that got so much attention.

They are my absolute favorite toys for the dogs. They are adorable and much more durable than they look – my dogs are toy destroyers and the majority of our Fuglies are still intact (a couple got destroyed when Asta came to visit – she is vicious with toys). The dogs also love them, which is the most important thing, in the end. They all covet the Fugly dolls and they love to play with the underwear. I have not tried any of the Fugly balls yet (fleece over tennis balls) but I imagine they would get a kick out of those as well.

Now, they are durable but not totally indestructible (is anything?), so they come with an adorable stuffed squeaker heart inside with a fun “fortune” on it to find when your dogs destroy the toys. And honestly, even once the stuffing is pulled out the toys are still just as enjoyable for the dogs. They are perhaps a bit pricier than you would pay for your average stuffed toy from a big box pet store but I guarantee they are worth it! And every Fugly is unique and hand made – you are truly supporting a small business.

You can find them on Facebook or Etsy.


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