Hiking With a New Friend

Yesterday we met up with Mr. N and his mom of Tenacious Little Terrier. We went hiking at Maybury State Park with Mr. N, Asta, Jeni and Snoopy. Kelinn had come to work with me earlier in the day and was tired and Bauer was at daycare.

photo 4

We met up and introduced Snoopy and Mr. N first, and all was fine with them. Then I brought the girls in, who are typically good with dogs, but Mr. N did not like their um… exuberant greetings and they were frustrated being on leash and yapping their fool heads off. My trick for getting dogs that don’t look like they are going to get along to tolerate each other is a nice long walk together so… off we went on our hike!

photo 3

photo 5

photo 6

photo 8

Once the dogs got into a walking rhythm they calmed down and stopped reacting to each other. Granted, the girls and Mr. N never became best friends and I doubt they would without a lot of time but no big deal! Asta does not interact with dogs that are not other Icelandics very often so I think that had a lot to do with it, and Jeni fed off of Asta.

photo 7

photo 9

It was great to meet Mr. N and his mom though and we are going to hang out again on Saturday, though Kelinn will be accompanying me this time. Kelinn is the opposite of the obnoxious Icie girls (his reaction to meeting most dogs is to lie down and possibly roll over) so I think there will be a bit less barking that time around. Anyway, we got a good two hours of hiking in and everybody was happy to settle down for a nap by the time we finished!

photo 10


Today we are joining FitDog Friday, sponsored by SlimDoggy and Peggy’s Pet Place.


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