Monday Mischief: Happy Endings

We had an exciting weekend – Gemma went to her new home and we got to visit Garth! I thought it would be a good time for a foster update… We have had an awesome 2014 with fosters so far and have gotten to keep in touch with the majority of our foster dogs’ families which has been awesome. The happy endings we’ve had so far this year are why we keep fostering.

Kringle, our first foster of the year, has been with his new family since mid January and is continuing to thrive. He loves his doggy brother and is gaining confidence by the day. Such a huge change from the puppy mill he used to live in!


It was amazing to see Garth. He unfortunately was very nervous about strangers in the shelter and when he was with us, but he was making progress when he left and we hoped he would continue to get more confident and comfortable… and he absolutely has. He loves “his” kids and plays with the cats, and his hair that was shaved from his amputation has all grown back. When we got to his house he barked at the fence for a minute, but as soon as he smelled us he starting wiggling all over and was SO excited to see us. It was amazing to see how happy he is in his new home.


Maggie settled right in with her two elderly doggie brothers, and her new parents have been ultra dedicated to making sure all three of them get along great and have a happy life in their senior years. One of her brothers looks just like a miniature version of her and it’s adorable.

Maggie and Mr S

And the beautiful miss Gemma is going to be loved beyond what we could have hoped for. Her new parents are so happy to have her and she is so lucky – she will live out the rest of her life in comfort and be so adored. She loves her new dog brother and he is thrilled to have a permanent playmate.



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Gemma’s Going Home

Gemma adopt

It will be bittersweet to see her go, but tomorrow, Gemma will be leaving us and going to her new home with her mom Kathie and brother Stoney (and a human dad and a few cats as well). She and Stoney hit it off perfectly and her human parents are going to spoil her for whatever time she has left. I am so grateful there are people like this out there that will give a terminally ill dog a home. And I’m glad I work for a place that will give dogs like this a chance.

Part of me still wishes we could have kept her, but she really deserves her own forever home. Best of luck, sweet girl.

We’re Alive!

Well I’ve dropped off the scene for a bit… I promise, big things are happening (good and bad). I am be making an effort to start blogging every day again after my minor hiatus, and potentially will have some fun news to share in the next few weeks. In the meantime here’s a few updates:

Kelinn is getting big and looking (kind of) mature. Still adorable though. Still the perfect puppy. Learning a lot, going out a lot. He’s growing up just how I hoped he would, and probably even better.

1972506_10152017630986932_8655251270458710724_n (1)

Jeni is still pretty and still crazy. We submitted our Trick Dog Championship video and are still waiting to hear on that. We’re working on all sorts of fun things. Still haven’t gotten a chance to do another agility trial but we’re hoping for a rally trial in early June.


Garth is doing SO well in his forever home and I couldn’t be happier! He loves the kids, the cats and everyone and they adore him.


Gemma is still with us and is doing well – for various reasons we are seeking an adoptive home for her, if anyone out there is interested in giving a sweet dog a great last few months. I have been talking with some lovely people about her so hopefully that will go well.

Jeni, Bauer, Snoopy and Asta all got featured on the Daily Dog Tag with the amazing photos that Kelli of Purple Tree Photography took of them a few weeks ago.

Legolas and Kelinn are still weird best friends.

Happy Friday to everyone!

Evening Playdate

Bauer and Jeni enjoyed an “indoor dog park” play date at a local daycare. The daycare hosts these play dates once a month to raise money for local rescues and it is a great opportunity for socializing with other dog owners and for the dogs to play. The rescue that benefited from this month’s play date was Dog Aide and they snapped some cute photos of the dogs:


Puppy Class Graduation

Kelinn graduated puppy class this week!


He won the “fastest recall” award and also had a fun time romping around with this friends. Puppy class has been a big part of his “growing up” process – even though I have taught him obedience commands outside of class, he goes almost everywhere and has met lots of other friendly dogs, and has lots of exposure that the “average” pet puppy doesn’t get (dog shows and agility trials for instance, puppy class is STILL very important.

For more on why you need puppy class and how to get the most out of it…

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Puppy Socialization – Stop Fear Before it Starts

Kelinn has had a fun week since his puppy class graduation that included lots of playing outside in the mud… It is rainy season after all. I couldn’t believe that I actually hadn’t given him a single bath since we got him home, but I figured it was time for one… he was great for his bath but did put on a pretty great “woe is me” expression!



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Monday Mischief: A Pretty New Face

My dogs are pretty used to the camera. At this point, if I pull the camera out, they pose and wait for their treat (I’m still working on getting them to do the same with my cell phone camera).

But when a new dog comes around, they aren’t always sure what to make of the big black clicky box so some mischief can arise.

With that said, meet Gemma.


Gemma’s story is somewhat heartbreaking: she is young, beautiful and has a fantastic temperament. But she has hemangiosarcoma.

Even with tumor removal and chemo, the life span for a dog with this cancer is very short. Gemma’s tumor (at least the one we knew about – there could be more) was removed but that does not mean the cancer is gone, and we do not know how long it was there before she came to us.

Obviously a dog with this diagnosis is not exactly adoptable, but I couldn’t let her die in a shelter, so she’s come home with us to be spoiled for a while. She has settled in great and gets along well with everyone. She is doing pretty well for now and seems to be enjoying running around in the yard, playing with toys and snuggling in bed. She is just a darling girl and it hurts to think she won’t have a chance at a long life, but we’ll make the days she has left count!



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Birch Run Dog Show Day One

It was an exciting day at the Saginaw Valley Kennel Club dog show in Birch Run. Asta took a five point major reserve (for those who don’t know dog show language, it basically means second place out of a large entry). It was both of our first times in the AKC ring and I am very proud of her!


Kelinn also tagged along (he won’t be in the show ring until he’s six months old) and I decided to take him through the Canine Good Citizen test they were holding at the show. He turns four months old today, basically a baby, and he passed with flying colors! The evaluator said he was the youngest dog she has ever tested. I am VERY proud of him, he is a very special puppy.


One Year Anniversary of Roverhaul

For those of you that remember Harley (if not, click here and here)… the River Rouge animal shelter is where he came from.

I have a feeling Harley would have died in the shelter before the days Patty came along. She has worked very hard to make this “pound” into a true shelter for animals, but she got some extra help thanks to Lowe’s and the Michigan Humane Society.

I am very proud of the people I work with for making this happen… you can see in the video the amazing transformation the physical shelter makes. The environment of a shelter can really make a difference for how adopters and volunteers perceive the location and the animals, and for the animals themselves.

Today is the one year anniversary of “Roverhaul” and I thought it would be nice to reflect back on all that has been accomplished, so enjoy the video (made my an excellent colleague of mine).