A Busy Week

It has been a busy week at work, which means I’ve been fitting in time with the dogs wherever I can. Usually this means a little bit here and there throughout the week. Luckily they have my husband at home during the day as well as each other to play with so they’ve been plenty entertained.

Jeni and Bauer went to the very muddy dog park:

photo 1 photo 4

Kelinn had a playdate with the neighbor’s husky, as well as going to puppy class and accompanying me to the pet store several times (side note: he is still a total angel):

photo 2

Snoopy mostly napped, by himself or with friends:

photo 1
photo 3

And Asta went to conformation class, which I don’t have any pictures of, but 2 Brown Dawgs blog does! It was lovely meeting up with another blogger and seeing the handsome Freighter in person.

photo 2


Today I’m participating in the “Thursday Barks and Bytes” blog hop… Check out the hosts at 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like a Dog.


7 thoughts on “A Busy Week

  1. It was wonderful meeting you. I so wanted a picture of Asta’s cute face. I just didn’t get a good one. I was thinking after that I should have taken out my larger lens…oh well. Good luck to you at the show. Hope I will get to watch you and Asta. 🙂 Thanks so much for joining the hop. Love the muddy pics a lot!

  2. Sounds (and looks) like you had a great week. Lucky you… getting to meet Freighter and Linda 🙂 She shared some very nice photos of Asta.

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