Birch Run Dog Show Day One

It was an exciting day at the Saginaw Valley Kennel Club dog show in Birch Run. Asta took a five point major reserve (for those who don’t know dog show language, it basically means second place out of a large entry). It was both of our first times in the AKC ring and I am very proud of her!


Kelinn also tagged along (he won’t be in the show ring until he’s six months old) and I decided to take him through the Canine Good Citizen test they were holding at the show. He turns four months old today, basically a baby, and he passed with flying colors! The evaluator said he was the youngest dog she has ever tested. I am VERY proud of him, he is a very special puppy.



6 thoughts on “Birch Run Dog Show Day One

  1. Great job and congrats to you! I tried to find your ring but the place was so jammed that I couldn’t even get through to look around. Plus we had to go off to training. πŸ™‚

    Freighter did the exact same thing btw Reserve to a major (4pts). LOL what are the chances? Good luck today!

    • Congrats to Freighter! I saw a few Chessies walking around but didn’t see any dogs in the ring at any rate. We didn’t do anything this morning but still had fun! Any good news from you guys?

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