We’re Alive!

Well I’ve dropped off the scene for a bit… I promise, big things are happening (good and bad). I am be making an effort to start blogging every day again after my minor hiatus, and potentially will have some fun news to share in the next few weeks. In the meantime here’s a few updates:

Kelinn is getting big and looking (kind of) mature. Still adorable though. Still the perfect puppy. Learning a lot, going out a lot. He’s growing up just how I hoped he would, and probably even better.

1972506_10152017630986932_8655251270458710724_n (1)

Jeni is still pretty and still crazy. We submitted our Trick Dog Championship video and are still waiting to hear on that. We’re working on all sorts of fun things. Still haven’t gotten a chance to do another agility trial but we’re hoping for a rally trial in early June.


Garth is doing SO well in his forever home and I couldn’t be happier! He loves the kids, the cats and everyone and they adore him.


Gemma is still with us and is doing well – for various reasons we are seeking an adoptive home for her, if anyone out there is interested in giving a sweet dog a great last few months. I have been talking with some lovely people about her so hopefully that will go well.

Jeni, Bauer, Snoopy and Asta all got featured on the Daily Dog Tag with the amazing photos that Kelli of Purple Tree Photography took of them a few weeks ago.

Legolas and Kelinn are still weird best friends.

Happy Friday to everyone!


3 thoughts on “We’re Alive!

  1. Everyone looks beautiful and happy! That video of Keilinn and Legolas kills me with cuteness. It is too much! I would love to have a dog who loved a cat, or vice versa; it seems so foreign to my world.

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