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How Jeni Became a TDCH

If you saw my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday you saw a cute photo of miss Jeni proudly posing with her Trick Dog Champion medal from Do More With Your Dog.

I’m very proud to say after a lot of hard work, I was able to put together a video showing some of Jeni’s skills in different areas including retrieving, nose and paw targeting, scent detection, coordination, distance, cues and just some fun/stupid tricks that took effort to teach!

Trick training has really made a big difference in Jeni’s and my relationship. It really teaches you how to communicate with your dog, and you and the dog both practice learning together in a low stress environment. I love this blog post from eileenanddogs about the lessons she learned from trick training.

Enjoy the trick video, and check out Do More With Your Dog to start your own trick journey!


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Lego’s Outdoor Adventure

Legolas used to be an outdoor cat, before we got him. In fact, that’s actually how he lost his leg – he went out on an outdoor excursion one day and came back with his back leg totally mutilated (apparently the bone was sticking out and everything gross like that). His owners took him to the vet but asked to have him euthanized because they could not afford his care. The vet asked them to surrender the cat instead, so a small rescue took over his care, had his leg amputated, and then we found him and adopted him!

No one knows for sure, but the assumption is that he was hit by a car which is what caused the severe damage to his leg. You would think that such a traumatic injury would leave him fearful of the outdoors but… no. While we are determined to make him an indoor cat for his safety, Legolas is quite convinced that outdoors in the place to be. We constantly have to watch the door as he’ll hide nearby and zoom out of hiding as soon as the door is cracked. He’s speedy, even with three legs. He’s gotten out a few times but we’ve always managed to snatch him up before he gets too far.

He’s not afraid to express his displeasure with this arrangement, especially when everyone is outside except for him.

lego 2

So I got the bright idea that we should let him go outside, highly supervised, to try to dull his excitement about the great outdoors. Maybe he would realize it’s not really that great, and try less hard to get outside without our permission. At least he would enjoy himself. I’m kind of a sucker for his sad mews.

We put a spare puppy harness on him and a longline, and went outside in the yard to let him explore. He mostly spent his time eating grass and rolling in dirt but he seemed to have a very good time.

lego 1

Apparently too good a time, because now he is even more determined to get outside again. At least our door watching skills keep improving!

Mischief Monday: Group Photos

I realized this weekend I hadn’t gotten a nice group photo of the dogs since Kelinn joined us, so I figured I would give it a shot. Group photos are never easy, even with people, and especially with dogs who have much better things to do than stay in one spot staring at a big black box.

I got everybody outside, arranged them in proper order, asked for some sit stays… I thought I was doing pretty well! Then as soon as I snapped the picture…

This happened:


Whatever it was Bauer sounded the alarm about clearly was more important than picture taking, so everyone ran off to bark their fool heads off. Jeni laughed.


By the time everything quieted down, everyone was in a silly mood, so they all played instead of posing.


Then I got everybody calmed down again, and all lined up… but apparently there was something really interesting out of frame that they all had to take turns looking at.


It took some effort, but finally we accomplished the elusive group photo!!



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Gemma Update

We have been really lucky with finding the perfect forever homes for our fosters this year. Gemma really hit the jackpot.


“Just wanted to give you an update. Things are going great. Gemma has settled in nicely and she and Stoney play like there’s no tomorrow. My vet says that he’s going to confer with an oncologist about her biopsy and get back to me about what the next step should be. Otherwise he thinks we should think of her as a normal dog that’s going to be around for quite a while. Everyone in the clinic fell in love with her.

We are going to try daycare today because it’s a slower day for them. If there’s any problems I can run back and pick her up. Take care and know that one of your fosters has found her forever home.”