Lego’s Outdoor Adventure

Legolas used to be an outdoor cat, before we got him. In fact, that’s actually how he lost his leg – he went out on an outdoor excursion one day and came back with his back leg totally mutilated (apparently the bone was sticking out and everything gross like that). His owners took him to the vet but asked to have him euthanized because they could not afford his care. The vet asked them to surrender the cat instead, so a small rescue took over his care, had his leg amputated, and then we found him and adopted him!

No one knows for sure, but the assumption is that he was hit by a car which is what caused the severe damage to his leg. You would think that such a traumatic injury would leave him fearful of the outdoors but… no. While we are determined to make him an indoor cat for his safety, Legolas is quite convinced that outdoors in the place to be. We constantly have to watch the door as he’ll hide nearby and zoom out of hiding as soon as the door is cracked. He’s speedy, even with three legs. He’s gotten out a few times but we’ve always managed to snatch him up before he gets too far.

He’s not afraid to express his displeasure with this arrangement, especially when everyone is outside except for him.

lego 2

So I got the bright idea that we should let him go outside, highly supervised, to try to dull his excitement about the great outdoors. Maybe he would realize it’s not really that great, and try less hard to get outside without our permission. At least he would enjoy himself. I’m kind of a sucker for his sad mews.

We put a spare puppy harness on him and a longline, and went outside in the yard to let him explore. He mostly spent his time eating grass and rolling in dirt but he seemed to have a very good time.

lego 1

Apparently too good a time, because now he is even more determined to get outside again. At least our door watching skills keep improving!


3 thoughts on “Lego’s Outdoor Adventure

  1. Yes mom has learned that hard lesson with Marty the mad fence climber. He is rather sneaky too and has become quite the ‘door bomber’. She says if you figure out a good compromise please share because she is frustrated.

  2. A friend just bought a screen like enclosure for cats. It wouldn’t let him roll in dirt and eat grass, but you would not have to worry about him slipping away. (Once my sis had her cat outside on a lead and somehow her son accidentally dropped the lead and the cat climbed a tree and the lead got stuck in the tree and they could not get the cat down until a guy came with a cherry picker! true story)

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