More from Canada

Anybody who has even one dog knows how difficult it can be to travel with your pets. Let alone four dogs, and crossing the border into another country. We are very lucky we have my in-laws’ cottage available to us and we can bring the whole crew with us (though Legolas got left at home – he doesn’t like to travel and certainly doesn’t get anything out of it like the dogs).

It’s not something we get to do very often, and this was our first time this year doing anything that resembled a vacation, even though it was only two days. It was Kelinn’s first time up there – he accompanied us on a few trips into the boardwalk/beach town and was awesome, and enjoyed the beach but was weirded out by the waves. So far he hasn’t shown much inclination to being a water dog.

The other three enjoyed their time out with us and everyone was completely passed out by the end of the weekend. The border agent when we were crossing back into the United States actually made a joke about how tired they looked.

Here are a few more photos… Bauer and Snoopy didn’t get any love in Saturday’s post so how could I leave them out?



3 thoughts on “More from Canada

  1. Beautiful photos, all of them! Looks like you all had a great time and even though traveling with pups is tough… it looks like it was well worth it!
    Hugs, Carrie and pups x

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