New Rally Titles

One of the most exciting things that happened during my little hiatus was getting Rally Novice titles on both of the Icies.


If you have no idea what rally is, you can learn more about it here, but basically it’s an obedience class where the dog and handler work together to accomplish multiple “stations” that have basic tasks usually involving heeling patterns or sitting/downing/standing in some way.

You start with a score of 100 and are deducted points for mistakes you make – you get a qualifying score if you score about 70. To get a title, you need three qualifying scores in that level. I entered Jeni and Kelinn in four Rally Novice classes for the weekend – two on Friday and two on Saturday.

Both of them absolutely exceeded my expectations! Especially considering Kelinn had just turned six months old (dogs aren’t eligible until they are six months) and Jeni has always been a bit stressy in the ring and reactive to other dogs. The lowest score any of them got all weekend was a 93. Kelinn got first, third and first, and Jeni got second, first and fourth.

Both of them got their RN titles in three classes with ease!

Here are a couple of videos of their novice runs:

The next level after RN is Rally Advanced, which is similar to RN but with more difficult exercises and also off leash. I have ring nerves with Jeni off leash and kept having visions of her getting stressed and going after another dog, so I figured we would end on a good note and let her be happy with her RN title. Kelinn on the other hand, has excellent focus and though there were some RA exercises we hadn’t practiced I figured it didn’t hurt to move up and try!

He blew me away with another first place and a 94! Now he has one leg of his RA title and we are going to attempt to get the last two at a show fourth of July weekend.

I’m very proud of both of my silly pups and can’t wait to continue in obedience with Kelinn especially!


4 thoughts on “New Rally Titles

  1. Wonderful to see all the work that you guys do. I don’t think I could remember all the steps that you have to memorize to get through the patterns! Congratulations on your awards with the ‘kids’ you really deserve them!
    Marty’s Mom

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