(Formally) Introducing Tri-Star Kelinn

Kelinn 6 months

I alluded to this a few posts ago… but I figured it was about time to make the official announcement that Kelinn is staying. While we WERE planning on getting another Icelandic Sheepdog this year, Kelinn was not exactly our plan (in fact the litter we were going to get a puppy from was born yesterday!). But the best dogs are never planned, right? (literally none of our dogs were planned…)


Kelinn is just over six months now, and blowing me away every day. He is different than Jeni in many ways but we are learning to communicate with each other just like Jeni and I had to learn. He is very willing to please with great natural focus and a love for just doing things… doesn’t really need a reason, he just wants to do stuff. He already has his Canine Good Citizen title and his Rally Novice title and a leg of his Rally Advanced, which we hope to finish in early July. I joked to his breeder that I would get 50 titles on him in his lifetime but at the rate he’s going that actually doesn’t seem so ridiculous. We’ll continue with rally and obedience as well as getting into conformation when he’s matured a bit and agility when he’s fully grown and able to jump.

I have high hopes for him as a performance dog but I’m also enjoying him a lot around the house. He’s a great boy and we’re happy he’ll be sticking around.


Today I’m participating in the “Thursday Barks and Bytes” blog hop… Check out the hosts at 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like a Dog.


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