An Adorable Visitor

There is a very cute little visitor at our house… no surprise, it’s another Icelandic Sheepdog puppy. And no, he is NOT staying. But he is pretty fun to have while he’s here!


This is, tentatively, Draco, or Vallhalla’s Diamond in the Ruff. Kelinn’s breeder picked him up on Sunday (he is the son of one of her boy dogs) and now she is going on a cruise, so of course it’s better for him to spend some time getting extra socialization with me instead of staying in a kennel while she’s gone. And I’m not complaining.


The other dogs like him well enough, though I really enjoy Jeni’s dramatic eye rolling in that photo of the three Icies together. He’s a really fun puppy – he takes a minute to get adjusted to new things but once he’s decided it’s okay, he’s got a very spunky personality. He slept through the night last night which was well appreciated by the humans in the house and he’s going to be a fun little house guest for sure!


Today I’m participating in the “Thursday Barks and Bytes” blog hop… Check out the hosts at 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like a Dog.




So it was only a matter of time before each of the dogs had their own portrait drawn of them. And because I enjoy the talents of many different artists, they all were done by different people. Bauer’s was finished yesterday so I had to get a shot with each of them by their pictures… not the best photo I’ve ever taken but it works!

Jeni’s, which I have posted about before, was done by Chucklebutt Customs.

Kelinn’s was done by the wonderful AlliePets – this was a random drawing winner for her to introduce her new style of drawing, the caricature! We were very happy with how it turned out!

Snoopy’s was done by my uncle! He is an excellent painter and does amazing pen drawings as well. He does not have a business exactly but if someone just HAS to have a painting feel free to comment here and I can get you in touch 😉 This piece was a Christmas present and I love it.

Gabi Portrait
And finally… Bauer got his painting. His was done by Arkay Major Art and I am SO impressed with her style and talent. She captured him perfectly.

Last, but certainly not least – you may have been wondering where our new blog logo came from! This fabulous little cartoon features all four dogs, plus Legolas the tripod cat. This was done by Shelby Watts who also does not have a business page, but again – let me know if you are interested and I can get you in touch!



Kelinn and I enjoyed a BBQ festival downtown this weekend called “Pig and Whiskey.” There was food, booze and loud music, as well as tons of people and other dogs, and Kelinn rocked it! We got some great work on “leave it” and he did an awesome job.

It was getting pretty hot by the time we were heading back this afternoon, so we stopped at a popsicle cart and got a handmade watermelon-lemonade popsicle. I couldn’t be selfish and keep it all for myself, Kelinn was hot too! Plus, he’s pretty cute and very polite about sharing.

Busy Busy

Two new podcasts for Do More With Your Dog are up – we are starting a series on how to earn your Trick Dog Champion Title! Check them out here.

Kelinn has had a busy couple of weekends – with rally last weekend and a conformation show with UKC this weekend. He normally attends a drop in Novice Obedience competition class on Monday nights but he and I have both been wiped out from the weekends so we haven’t gone each of the last two classes. Perks of a drop in class!


Kellin’s big accomplishment this weekend was getting a Group 4/fourth place in a very large herding group in his conformation show. He was the only puppy in the group in addition to being a total newbie at this, so it was very exciting!


We attended the show with one of Kelinn’s friends, an eight month old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (on the right) who also had a great weekend with a Group 3 and a Group 2!

The other dogs are probably feeling neglected as I have been gone so much and we are babysitting a friend’s dog, and have two foster kittens, and Chris is very busy with work right now… I made sure they all got solo walks this weekend and hopefully they will forgive us. Hopefully things will calm down a bit, as well.


Kelinn and I got a very cool surprise after winning an online FB random drawing. The amazing AlliePets used him to introduce one of her new drawing styles. Isn’t it adorable? If you’re interested in your own caricature style drawing, head over to her page!


And perhaps the most fun this weekend was meeting my friend’s 9 week old Great Dane puppy at the dog show! Her name is Flare and she is just adorable! Puppies are the best.

More Rally Success


Kelinn had his second rally trial this weekend, the day he turned seven months (Saturday). He needed two more “legs” or qualifying scores to get a new title: Rally Advanced. This is the first off leash class in rally, which means that avoiding distractions is extremely important. Kelinn is usually very focused, but he is still a puppy, and the show site was very hectic with lots of dogs and people running around. He was very calm, but he really wanted to make friends with everybody and find dropped food (they had free popcorn!) on the ground.


Right before he went into the ring the first time, a couple of people with their dogs were standing right in his path and let their dogs go up to him. He was so excited and started wiggling and play bowing when they were showing play signals to him, so of course as we walked into the ring he brain was on “play” mode. To top it off, at the second exercise, he got a little whiff of something and realized there was a delicious looking treat lying right outside the ring. So he stuck his head outside the ring and got the food. Not exactly the message I want to be sending…

Luckily I got his attention back and we managed a respectable score and a qualifying one at that (and second place) for his first run. The second run wasn’t for a few hours so we spent time walking around the show site, doing some shopping and eating lunch with a friend. By the time we got to his next run, he was veryyy tired – next time I will put him in his crate between runs and let him nap instead of wearing him out with busy show visiting.

Still, we managed a qualifying score again, and he got his Rally Advanced title! Very proud of this pup.


By the time we got home, he was ready to go to bed, and passed right out. This pup is usually very difficult to wear out, but all that stimulation and mental work really wiped him out!


Today I’m participating in the “Thursday Barks and Bytes” blog hop… Check out the hosts at 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like a Dog.