The Unpleasant Side of Fireworks


While I enjoy holidays as much as the next guy, I have to say I’ve developed a bit of a sour attitude about July 4 since getting Jeni. While the boy dogs are all fine with fireworks and storms, Jeni is extremely noise phobic and violently scared of fireworks.

Even with a Thundershirt, calming collar, Melatonin and Benadryl (and sometimes she gets Xanax), she still shakes pretty much the whole time. During fireworks or storms, we never let Jeni outside off leash, even in the yard, and we are always careful to watch any doors or entryways. She also has her collar on with an ID tag and GPS tracker, and is microchipped. July 4 is one of the worst days for pets in terms of getting lost or running away because dogs bolt from fear.

We hope you enjoy your holiday weekend, but make sure to keep your pets’ safety in mind!

Fourth of July Safety Tips from ASPCA

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One thought on “The Unpleasant Side of Fireworks

  1. I’m so sorry about Jeni’s noise phobia!

    My dog, Zoe is the same way. Nothing we tried worked to make her feel better. I, too am soured on the 4th of July and also New Years. When I lived in Oregon we had really horrible neighbors that would randomly light illegal fireworks off, not even on holidays just whenever. It was no fun! We ended up moving to a county that doesn’t allow them at all. Zoe is so much more relaxed now.

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