More Rally Success


Kelinn had his second rally trial this weekend, the day he turned seven months (Saturday). He needed two more “legs” or qualifying scores to get a new title: Rally Advanced. This is the first off leash class in rally, which means that avoiding distractions is extremely important. Kelinn is usually very focused, but he is still a puppy, and the show site was very hectic with lots of dogs and people running around. He was very calm, but he really wanted to make friends with everybody and find dropped food (they had free popcorn!) on the ground.


Right before he went into the ring the first time, a couple of people with their dogs were standing right in his path and let their dogs go up to him. He was so excited and started wiggling and play bowing when they were showing play signals to him, so of course as we walked into the ring he brain was on “play” mode. To top it off, at the second exercise, he got a little whiff of something and realized there was a delicious looking treat lying right outside the ring. So he stuck his head outside the ring and got the food. Not exactly the message I want to be sending…

Luckily I got his attention back and we managed a respectable score and a qualifying one at that (and second place) for his first run. The second run wasn’t for a few hours so we spent time walking around the show site, doing some shopping and eating lunch with a friend. By the time we got to his next run, he was veryyy tired – next time I will put him in his crate between runs and let him nap instead of wearing him out with busy show visiting.

Still, we managed a qualifying score again, and he got his Rally Advanced title! Very proud of this pup.


By the time we got home, he was ready to go to bed, and passed right out. This pup is usually very difficult to wear out, but all that stimulation and mental work really wiped him out!


Today I’m participating in the “Thursday Barks and Bytes” blog hop… Check out the hosts at 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like a Dog.


5 thoughts on “More Rally Success

  1. Congratulations! Barley and I frequently have to play touch games before our turn in agility class to get her focus back on me. I’m impressed that Kelinn didn’t give in to the puppy play mode and did so well! Good work!

  2. Congrats! I love watching dogs participate in activities like this. It’s so amazing what dogs are capable of.

      • No not at all. We are in hunt test training mode and won’t be showing again until Fall, if then, because hunting season starts…lol. That June cluster show was the last we had planned and Freighter missed all those shows with his stupid nail injury.

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