Busy Busy

Two new podcasts for Do More With Your Dog are up – we are starting a series on how to earn your Trick Dog Champion Title! Check them out here.

Kelinn has had a busy couple of weekends – with rally last weekend and a conformation show with UKC this weekend. He normally attends a drop in Novice Obedience competition class on Monday nights but he and I have both been wiped out from the weekends so we haven’t gone each of the last two classes. Perks of a drop in class!


Kellin’s big accomplishment this weekend was getting a Group 4/fourth place in a very large herding group in his conformation show. He was the only puppy in the group in addition to being a total newbie at this, so it was very exciting!


We attended the show with one of Kelinn’s friends, an eight month old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (on the right) who also had a great weekend with a Group 3 and a Group 2!

The other dogs are probably feeling neglected as I have been gone so much and we are babysitting a friend’s dog, and have two foster kittens, and Chris is very busy with work right now… I made sure they all got solo walks this weekend and hopefully they will forgive us. Hopefully things will calm down a bit, as well.


Kelinn and I got a very cool surprise after winning an online FB random drawing. The amazing AlliePets used him to introduce one of her new drawing styles. Isn’t it adorable? If you’re interested in your own caricature style drawing, head over to her page!


And perhaps the most fun this weekend was meeting my friend’s 9 week old Great Dane puppy at the dog show! Her name is Flare and she is just adorable! Puppies are the best.


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