An Adorable Visitor

There is a very cute little visitor at our house… no surprise, it’s another Icelandic Sheepdog puppy. And no, he is NOT staying. But he is pretty fun to have while he’s here!


This is, tentatively, Draco, or Vallhalla’s Diamond in the Ruff. Kelinn’s breeder picked him up on Sunday (he is the son of one of her boy dogs) and now she is going on a cruise, so of course it’s better for him to spend some time getting extra socialization with me instead of staying in a kennel while she’s gone. And I’m not complaining.


The other dogs like him well enough, though I really enjoy Jeni’s dramatic eye rolling in that photo of the three Icies together. He’s a really fun puppy – he takes a minute to get adjusted to new things but once he’s decided it’s okay, he’s got a very spunky personality. He slept through the night last night which was well appreciated by the humans in the house and he’s going to be a fun little house guest for sure!


Today I’m participating in the “Thursday Barks and Bytes” blog hop… Check out the hosts at 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like a Dog.


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